When I want my makeup stepped up, I usually gravitate to false lashes. They are feminine, fun, and just make you feel glamorous…. BUT a lot of women struggle with the application process. Here are a few of my tips for acing the eyelash game!


If using a lash strip, cut in half or thirds.img_0104

Add your glue and adhere outer half to the outer portion of your lash line. Then apply the remainder half adjacent. Cutting in half and applying in smaller sections will give you more control.

Feel free to overlap the second half a bit if you want more drama on the outer half of your eye. (I showed this overlapping method below, and on a white paper so it’s easier to see.)img_0106img_0107

Another great tool if you’re new to applying lashes is to use individuals! This is what I usually talk all of my clients into. You have great control and know exactly where it’s going. They have such a natural effect, no one will even know their falsies. ; )img_0101


I hope this comes in handy for your next event or holiday party! Thanks for reading!

Pro Makeup Tips for Combatting Oily Skin


Oily skin can be quite the challenge. I personally have grow up with oily skin, and now as an adult, I’m learning to appreciate it more and more… Having oily skin: ages you far slower, acts as defense against UV rays, works against fine lines/wrinkles… just to name some of the benefits.

Here are a few ways I like to combat any excess oil, and keep my makeup looking fresh all day. And a major plus – these are tips you can add to your everyday routine with supplies you probably already own!



After applying any of your cream/liquid foundation and concealer, I like to then mist with a setting spray before any powder. I feel like this melds all your cream products together, especially if you used a cream blush or bronzer. I’m currently using this setting spray for myself, but also love this one for clients.

Another tip for BEFORE any powder products!

Take a clean cosmetic sponge and wrap with a tissue. Blot your entire face with this before setting with any powder. This will remove any excess oil and prevent any added texture to your makeup, while leaving your skin with the pigment. Less texture is always a good thing, and will give a much more natural effect without compromising  on coverage.
img_2254 img_2256

My third tip is to set aside the translucent powders and go with a fuller-coverage product like a powder foundation. Yes, this will add to coverage, so just keep that in mind as you start your makeup application.

In the photos above, I have on both cream and powder, but I made sure to sheer out my RCMA cream products, and it still looks very natural. Light layers are the best way to go. You can always keep building up the coverage, but it’s hard to take away.

Try using a sponge or powder puff to really press the product into the skin. Skimping on it might leave the oily-er skin girls slipping and sliding. I know everybody wants “the glow” with crazy amounts of shine and highlight on fleek, but powder really is the magic glue that will hold you together throughout the day.img_2261


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Meet one of my amazing friends, Ali Lee. We collaborated to showcase editorial makeup. This is not the average makeup tutorial on youtube, and probably would not be a typical everyday look. For a super clean editorial look, everything should be minimal and kept clean. Skin is very important for this particular look. Ali wanted to let some freckles show through. She kept the eye makeup very simple. She rarely uses eyeliner or mascara for an editorial look. The image reflects something the model may have done herself. Ali really wanted to showcase a bronzed glowy look without being too glam.

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Whimsical Mermaid-meets-“Elsa” Inspired Hair Tutorial


Perfect style for a special occasion or photoshoot!

IMG_1251*Start with hair down, and part face framing sections from top of the head down to the ears. Clip those away for later.

*Grabbing all of the hair in the back, do a traditional french braid. Pull out the sides of the braid for a fuller look. In this picture I did a full, yet clean look, but you can start by teasing the roots for more volume and make it messy if you like.IMG_1253 *Curl the face-framing sections away from the face. Take small pieces and twist to the back, then pin the ends inside of the braid.IMG_1254

*You can place and pin these pieces and pull out the twists more for a messier look. I just kept this clean so you could see each of my steps.IMG_1255

*Continue with as many small twists as you like, placing the twists all the way down the braid.IMG_1256

And the look is complete! Very simple concept that can be customized based upon your hair type, length, and the look you’re going for. This would also be beautiful as a side updo!
IMG_0177 IMG_0174

Products used: Heat Protectant , Shine Spray , Firm Hold Hairspray , Light Hold Hairspray , Smoothing Oil Treatment.

 ELSA (infographic)

Screenshot or pin the infographic to try this look yourself! Don’t forget to hashtag with #theglamdepartment 🙂

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5 Oh Chicago, how we love you!!! My friend (and fave photographer) Emma and I planned a spontaneous trip with no agenda and it was an adventure! 😉 From figuring out the train/subway system, to eating huge amounts of food, to our quirky airbnb space and the most hipster hosts – we loved our three days in this city.

Activities included: Walking through Millennium Park, Crown Fountains, Cloud Gate (the bean!), Lurie Garden, Navy Pier, 103 stories high at Skydeck, The Willis Tower, The Magnificent Mile, Garret’s Popcorn, rooftop drinks at Cindy’s, deep dish pizza from Lou Malnatis, and constant stops on the street for FOOD!