Story time…. When I was about 12 or 13 years old, my mom gave me her old set of hot rollers. Conair hot rollers, to be exact. I taught myself how to use them and when I got my first long layered haircut, every time I wore my hair down, I would use them! The funny thing is, I STILL HAVE THEM and they still work! I’m surprised more women don’t use hot rollers on a regular basis. Here’s how I get my bouncy, full-of-body, curled hairstyle..


I start by spraying a heat protectant and hairspray throughout, then brush it in.theglamdepartment.comtheglamdepartment.com

The first section I make is always the top, middle section (regardless of the part). Start rolling the hair from the ends to the root. I hold the section straight up or over directed for added volume.


From there, I keep rolling until my “mohawk” is complete, and I have two small sections left on either side of my head.


I like to wait about 10 minutes, and that is IT! Take them out and tossle away!
theglamdepartment.com theglamdepartment.comtheglamdepartment.com


img_2398 img_2397

Surprisingly, one makeup step that usually takes the longest with my clients is the lip color. I will always show my client my entire collection of colors (I have them de-potted into pallets, easiest way to see and grab quickly), suggest two options, and have them choose. Then we apply, and usually keep applying different tones on top until it’s perfect and matches the vision.

img_2399 img_2404Picking the right red lip color can be hard for some women, and although my BIGGEST tip is to try them on before buying, here are a few guidelines that will help the process. 🙂


Try on your choices after the rest of your makeup is complete. Don’t always buy based on your skin’s undertone… buy based on your undertone after your foundation has been applied.



Generally great for fair, or cool toned skin, but quite a pop on olive skin. This cool tone lip will also help accentuate the whiteness of your teeth. ; )


Generally great on olive skin or a warm undertone. This is my personal favorite red on myself, mostly because it strays away from such a “retro” look.


Generally great on dark skin tones. Berry or wine reds are beautiful for dark skin with warm and cool undertones.


I’m all for a good drugstore lipstick, but high end brands generally have a wider color range. This goes for foundation and concealers as well. If you can’t find what works best for you at the drug store, walk into an Ulta or Sephora and ask for a sample! If you take all of your favorite options and place them together, it’s a whole lot easier to differentiate tones. And when it comes down to it – just pick the colors you like. These are just simple guidelines. You’ve got the freedom to create your own rules!

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Hydration, hydration, hydration….

www.theglamdepartment.comI love to finish my makeup application using a mineral spray! Not only is it hydrating and great for your skin, it’ll give a youthful, healthy glowing appearance.

Great keeping this bottle of Evian in my makeup kit on set. Clients with dry skin benefit from this because I can continue to hydrate the skin during their makeup application or throughout the day for touch ups.
www.theglamdepartment.comYou can also mist Evian spray after cleansing and wait to allow the mineral content to absorb. Then apply moisturizer, eye cream, or under-eye pads! www.theglamdepartment.com

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img_1131If you tuned into my television appearance last night on HSN, you saw me do a quick demo using this gorgeous eye shadow pallet from Too Faced!! I got to meet Jillian Barberie, who chose every one of these eye shadow colors. I love that they kept every skin tone in mind, and curated a well-rounded variety for this “Funfetti” set. Adorable, right?!img_1142

img_1134 Facial steamers are something I’ve only used in a spa setting professionally. When I saw this personal one for at-home use, I had to grab it. These are amazing to use anytime you want to open your pores. You could use before a toner, mask or any treatment you want to penetrate deeply into the skin.img_1143

img_1135 This is a Shellac UV lamp and I found it on Amazon. A shellac (or gel) manicure lasts so much longer than traditional polish, doesn’t need to wait to dry, and keeps that pretty shiny surface the whole duration. I love this particular unit. It’s a good size (doesn’t take up too much space), and has a pretty, unique, streamlined design!

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Two words. Snail Essence……. I know you’re thinking this is crazy. Snail essence has been used in Korean beauty and skincare for the past 10 years, and is a proven source fighting signs of aging. The past few months I have been truly inspired by Korean cosmetics, their innovations are years ahead, and self-care is of high value as a culture.

Kenra Professional just launched the 1st snail essence infused pro haircare product on the market – Kenra Platinum Snail CC Creme. This is essentially anti-aging skincare for your hair.

I’ve mentioned Kenra many times already on my blog, so when they mailed me their freshly launched product, of course I was excited to try!! This is a brand that I’ve used in my kit and on my clients for years. They are a staple among hair stylists because their products are of high performance and trusted in the industry.


This creme has incredible benefits: Boosts shine, increases thickness, reduces breakage, tames frizz & flyaways, hydrates hair, improves elasticity, relieves scalp irritation, increases manageability, decreases coarseness for noticeably softer strands, provides heat protection, paraben and sulfate free, and works for all hair types. img_0694 img_0693

Try it out + let me know what YOU think! Thanks for reading!

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