DIY HAIRCOLORWho doesn’t like a great DIY?! If you’re looking to color your hair yourself, at home, using box dye – then this is the right post for you……

…because I am going to talk you OUT OF IT….¬†Gotcha ūüėČ

Why not use “box dye”?

Box color is made to use as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ option. It’s like buying clothes online from those cheap wholesale companies, expecting everything to fit perfectly. It shows up a size extra, extra, extra small – which does work for some, but the vast majority will end up disappointed. Box dye is¬†chemically made up of the highest amount of pigment and ammonia, to be able to work for most hair types.¬†Using high concentrations of these chemicals (when you don’t need to!!!) can lead to extreme damage/breakage/porosity.¬†Box color is completely unpredictable and leaves unreliable results.

Professional color is completely customized for the client. Licensed stylists have experience with all hair types/thickness/porosity, and are able to make a judgement based on your unique circumstance. Your stylist is going to create a formula that is specific to you, and that will give you the healthiest result. The integrity of your hair is their priority. The healthier and more elasticity you have, typically the longer your color will last too!

Using a lightener (aka bleach). The word “bleach” makes me cringe and I am professionally trained to use it! Lightening hair unprofessionally, at home is honestly just plain scary. The “oxidizing agents” are opening the cuticle of the hair shaft and removing (or decolorizing) natural and artificial pigment. The underlying pigment will be the end result. THIS is why it’s difficult to go platinum as a natural brunette, many end up with orange or yellow color. Your underlying pigment is based upon what your natural level is. Lightening is some serious business. Your stylist will know exactly what to look for during lightening, when to rinse, and exactly what toners¬†will successfully counteract and neutralize for your desired look.

Salons will also be able to use exclusive products that are not available to the public consumer. For example, Olaplex is one product that is changing the way people are going blonde! It allows lifting the hair to lighter levels without compromising the integrity and health. It’s incredible, but ONLY sold to stylists with an active license. By going to a stylist, you are getting truly the best care.

Professionally applied color will give the more consistent and even result. Your stylist will be there for you and WITH you every step of the process!!

***In closing, I absolutely never hate on those who go buy box color! I do not suggest, however it works for some people. I only wish to educate and give legitimate reasoning backing my professional opinion. ūüôā

Thanks for reading!!