Enjoying Every Season

IMG_3813Freelancing full time, in my opinion, is one of the most awesome, and yet, incredibly scary things you can do in your career. There are busy seasons…. and not-so-busy seasons.IMG_3817I’ve actually never had a “normal” job. My first job was at a salon, and after branching out from salon life, I started my business and have been freelancing for almost 4 years. Thankfully, when I started, I was living at home with my parents, and could give it my best shot without too many risks.IMG_3811IMG_3812“ENJOY EVERY SEASON”
That’s my mantra this year.IMG_4033IMG_3814It’s easy to get discouraged when business is slow, but I HAVE to remember to tell myself – this season won’t last forever. I pull a lot of 80+ hour work weeks in my crazy schedule. Especially working in film and television, that’s the norm. But I also have times where, during the week, I’m completely free.IMG_3810IMG_3809
No season is going to last forever. I CHOOSE to enjoy the busy times, and I also choose to enjoy the slower free time, and ability to take a mini vaca or invest in myself. I have weddings booked every weekend this month, but next week while I’m off, I’m taking a little trip to Miami. Just because I can. Because I want to take full advantage of right here and right now.IMG_4034IMG_3815 Be encouraged and know that enjoying your life, forgetting the pros and cons, will be fulfilling and a whole lot less stressful. 😉IMG_3816
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