Skincare Spotlight!


Light Therapy, used by professionals, has been proven to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, heal breakouts, and even skin tone. I was walking through Target a few months ago, and saw this product with a similar technology – only you can use it yourself at home!!! And for less than $30! I freaked out, and had to try it!!IMG_3888
I bought the “illumask” brand and love it! My skin has had a lot of progress, and been so clear!
You can get this mask for WRINKLES on amazon! 
The illumask slips on like a pair of sunglasses (so weird, I know!), and the light streams over your face without actually touching you. It has 30 uses, and each treatment lasts only 15 minutes. There are eye holes so you can watch Hulu or browse Instagram…. which we all know you were going to do anyway;) You’re supposed to do a treatment every day, but I just use when needed.

Thanks for reading!!!