Mimosa Monday with Ali Lee!



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Happy MONDAY from my new studio space (AKA the “Babe Cave”)!!!IMG_2333

I sat down for mimosas with my really good friend and fellow artist, Ali Lee Weyrick. Ali has worked with me the past two years on my La Voz Kids glam team, and become a source of encouragement for me. She welcomed loads of questions about her career, complete with helpful tips for industry hair and makeup artists!

Ali is 36 years young, a new mommy (to the most precious baby girl I might add), a transplant from Ohio, and a creative. She has loved doing hair and makeup her entire life, and would practice transforming her mom growing up. When she realized this was something she could create a career doing, she moved out to Los Angeles and made it a reality.

After makeup school, Ali dived into tv production by assisting with makeup for game shows in California.

 Here are her TOP 3 things to remember while assisting!

  • Be professional

“Your key is your key. Even though you may be assisting these on exciting things, you cannot claim these big jobs to promote yourself.”

  •  Learn

“You are there to assist a senior artist. That’s your time to learn their techniques, their professionalism – learn the business. Let’s say you’re assisting someone who does production work, or editorial work – you really want to find out if that is your place.”

  • Grow

“That is your time to get creative in your own head, and then go out and find photographers to test with and build your book.”


IMG_2335Q. “How do you professionally grow a relationship with photographers you want to work with?”

A. “During your growth time, you’re not going to have the best models… you’re not going to have the best stylists. It’s up to you to really educate yourself – find out who is the best in your industry, find out who is the best in your market. When you get the opportunity, you’ll want to try to pursue that photographer in a very professional manner.”

Thanks for reading! 

-Emily + Ali