5 Favorite Apps For Business

Running a business is the best thing ever. It’s also an undertaking including those not so best things ever, such as: filing taxes, saving receipts for every work expense imaginable, advertising amongst the other 38426230 hair/makeup artists out there, prepping for the busy vs. not-so-busy seasons, doing any sort of math, etc….

All that to say, the pros T O T A L L Y win for me. I am usually on-the-go, working all over central FL, and it’s crazy important being able to run my business more efficiently, and not have to be at my office to do it. These nifty apps help the way I do business, and I hope they can help you too!!


1. Joist

This is exclusively what I use for ALL of my estimates and invoices – and it is AMAZING. I can create and send an invoice in under a minute, and I can do it all from my iPhone, iPad, or Macbook.

There are so many times working weddings, when the bridal party will add on services on the spot, and I am able to update their totals, and send receipts so incredibly effortlessly. Whenever I’ve emailed my questions/comments, they have given quick, personal responses. Way to go on that customer service!!!

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2. Mile IQ

Since I am fully on-location, sometimes I’m driving close to 200-700 miles a week. Having accurate records of my work miles, tolls, parking, etc. can be super useful come tax time!

Mile IQ is amazing, because it records your travel without even opening the app. As soon as you start driving, it just knows (sounds creepy, but it’s awesome for people who don’t remember to track the miles until it’s too late…. AKA me). I am able to log into my account on my computer, and “log” whether each trip was business or personal. I can name the trips to remember which client it relates to, and even add specific Sunpass totals.

Throw that old notepad in your glovebox away!!! You will thank me!


3. Scanner Pro

Before I start, yes… I do own a printer/scanner at home. BUT, so many times I have documents that need to be scanned on-the-go, and I have to use my phone. This is the best scanning app I’ve come across. When I write checks for booth/studio rental and for the artists who work on my hair/makeup team, this app is so clear, precise, and easy to use. You can upload your scans on Google Drive, or email — It’s great!


4. Swipes

This company markets to entrepreneurs and/or the people who want to be productive! If you are constantly writing down tasks, this is perfect for you! I love Swipes because: 1. The design is really cute. 2. Writing down your tasks, and deciding what needs to get done, helps ACTUALLY get things done. 3. You can use it in conjunction with Evernote…….

5. Evernote 

How did you guess this would be my next one?! 😉

I mostly use Evernote to compile info on a client’s date/venue/how many services/quote/etc. I have to write notes down, or I will forget things (Give me that raised hand emoji if I’m not alone). I can even change the fonts and colors of my text, which some of you probably do not care about, but those kind of features keep my attention. Any note you create can be shared for others to view and edit themselves. Awesome for collaborations from photoshoot concepts to presentations!!

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Now, go download these and make your business B E T T E R!