Inspiration Is Everywhere?


Inspiration Is Everywhere?

WHY is inspiration so hard to find? You can’t force it. Sometimes it comes at the strangest times, when you’re least expecting. Stop looking for it to jump out at you, + take action with these 5 steps!


1. Get up + go to a location that makes you happy.

Most of us do not have the luxury of taking a quick flight to our favorite city, but think about how many places you could easily go to that would make you smile. Probably some of them are less than an hour away even!

My husband, Chris, has a love for big cities. Believe me, I do too! But something about exploring new places, + the sunny rooftops, + walking the streets just makes him come alive. Some of our deepest conversations about life are had after a day in the city. It’s a place that makes him smile… along with posting 35,937 #latergrams. (The secrets out – sorry Babe..)


The Starbucks drive-thru, Forever21 – with hands full of sale items, + some straight lounging poolside are happy places for me. When my mind unwinds, it is inspired by the world around me.

2. Do something you are good at.

Release your gifting and the thing you can do well. Who cares if no one is watching!!! Do it for yourself. You’ll be proud of what you create, and your work will be an instant encouragement!

IMG_1798 IMG_1836 IMG_1872

4. Give yourself permission to fail.

If inspiration does not come, start by making steps in the right direction. Allow yourself to fail. Miserably. And multiple times. If you are not exactly okay with that option, just scroll through until you are. Possessing the knowledge of what doesn’t work for you, can be as vital as knowing the exact thing that does.

IMG_1898 IMG_1900

5. Take a long shower.

^ Yes, I’m joking. However, if you actually do decide to use this tactic, don’t forget to bring your notepad. 😉


Denim Top, Sunnies / Forever 21

Skirt, Jewelry / Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohls

Heels / Target