Happy New Year – HELLO 2017!

Here’s a few simple steps for a messy/undone updo you can rock this year…img_3689

*Separate the top half of your hair (I chose an inch or two above the ears).
img_3690 img_3691

*Tie off with a hair tie. Take your little pony, and flip through.

*Take the full back section of hair (from back of ears down). Do a simple 3 strand braid and secure with a hair tie. img_3693

*Pull apart and loosen up.img_3694

*Taking the sections of hair left, bring forward and wrap around any visible hair ties to conceal. img_3695

*Conceal the last hair tie. img_3696*I finished by continuing with a fishtail braid, then the same method of covering the hair tie to give more interest, because my model’s hair was so long. AND YOU’RE DONE. : )

You can TOTALLY add a few more steps to this kind of updo, like: teasing the crown/curling the hair first/etc. to make it your own!

Screenshot this graphic or save to your Pinterest to recreate!! #TheGlamDepartment