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Surprisingly, one makeup step that usually takes the longest with my clients is the lip color. I will always show my client my entire collection of colors (I have them de-potted into pallets, easiest way to see and grab quickly), suggest two options, and have them choose. Then we apply, and usually keep applying different tones on top until it’s perfect and matches the vision.

img_2399 img_2404Picking the right red lip color can be hard for some women, and although my BIGGEST tip is to try them on before buying, here are a few guidelines that will help the process. 🙂


Try on your choices after the rest of your makeup is complete. Don’t always buy based on your skin’s undertone… buy based on your undertone after your foundation has been applied.



Generally great for fair, or cool toned skin, but quite a pop on olive skin. This cool tone lip will also help accentuate the whiteness of your teeth. ; )


Generally great on olive skin or a warm undertone. This is my personal favorite red on myself, mostly because it strays away from such a “retro” look.


Generally great on dark skin tones. Berry or wine reds are beautiful for dark skin with warm and cool undertones.


I’m all for a good drugstore lipstick, but high end brands generally have a wider color range. This goes for foundation and concealers as well. If you can’t find what works best for you at the drug store, walk into an Ulta or Sephora and ask for a sample! If you take all of your favorite options and place them together, it’s a whole lot easier to differentiate tones. And when it comes down to it – just pick the colors you like. These are just simple guidelines. You’ve got the freedom to create your own rules!

img_2395Thanks for reading!