When I want my makeup stepped up, I usually gravitate to false lashes. They are feminine, fun, and just make you feelĀ glamorous…. BUT a lot of women struggle with the application process. Here are a few of my tips for acing the eyelash game!


If using a lash strip, cut in half or thirds.img_0104

Add your glue and adhere outer half to the outer portion of your lash line. Then apply the remainder half adjacent. Cutting in half and applying in smaller sections will give you more control.

Feel free to overlap the second half a bit if you want more drama on the outer half of your eye. (I showed this overlapping method below, and on a white paper so it’s easier to see.)img_0106img_0107

Another great tool if you’re new to applying lashes is to use individuals! This is what I usually talk all of my clients into. You have great control and know exactly where it’s going. They have such a natural effect, no one will even know their falsies. ; )img_0101


I hope this comes in handy for your next event or holiday party! Thanks for reading!