Hello beautiful bride-to-be’s!! In the midst of wedding planning craziness, your bridesmaids stand strong by your side! From throwing your various parties and showers, wearing the dresses that go with your colors and theme (some sacrifices are greater than others…), to braving public speeches in front of the masses – bridesmaid gifts are a special symbol of a “thank you” that should not be forgotten in the chaos!

(*insert throwback photo of MY incredible bridesmaids…)

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I just added a shop page to The Glam Department! This is a list of custom curated products that I use professionally. Easily accessible and easy to purchase from my blog! I will be continually updating with the best of the best.

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LVK RecapLast night, Telemundo aired the finale episode of La Voz Kids Season 4!! I have managed the GLAM DEPT (inspiration behind my blog’s name) 3 seasons now, and it’s been such a huge part of my life. I love working with our crew, and we have been so proud to show the 2+ million viewers all of our hard work each week!

It’s so hard not posting or sharing throughout the year the fun we have on set. Here’s a small look behind the scenes in photo form…. 🙂

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Enjoying Every Season

IMG_3813Freelancing full time, in my opinion, is one of the most awesome, and yet, incredibly scary things you can do in your career. There are busy seasons…. and not-so-busy seasons.IMG_3817I’ve actually never had a “normal” job. My first job was at a salon, and after branching out from salon life, I started my business and have been freelancing for almost 4 years. Thankfully, when I started, I was living at home with my parents, and could give it my best shot without too many risks.IMG_3811IMG_3812“ENJOY EVERY SEASON”
That’s my mantra this year.IMG_4033IMG_3814It’s easy to get discouraged when business is slow, but I HAVE to remember to tell myself – this season won’t last forever. I pull a lot of 80+ hour work weeks in my crazy schedule. Especially working in film and television, that’s the norm. But I also have times where, during the week, I’m completely free.IMG_3810IMG_3809
No season is going to last forever. I CHOOSE to enjoy the busy times, and I also choose to enjoy the slower free time, and ability to take a mini vaca or invest in myself. I have weddings booked every weekend this month, but next week while I’m off, I’m taking a little trip to Miami. Just because I can. Because I want to take full advantage of right here and right now.IMG_4034IMG_3815 Be encouraged and know that enjoying your life, forgetting the pros and cons, will be fulfilling and a whole lot less stressful. 😉IMG_3816
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a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives (1)Why would I continue to pursue a career that takes hard work if it had no purpose? If I had no inkling of a driving force inside of me, then why I would even strive for this? “Why” is a very good question…

After months of going back and forth, I have finally begun a process of rebranding myself as an artist and a company. Choosing cute fonts and pretty colors – that’s the easy part. Relaying exactly what you want people to feel when they see your work or think of you is a tad bit harder to define.

afterlight (1)It’s healthy and essential to ask yourself questions that will call forth an action. ‘Who is my target market?’ questions are awesome, but thinking bigger. ‘How does my company impact this industry?’, ‘What is my mission?’, ‘What value do I bring with every service?’, ‘How will God use my talents to touch the city of Orlando and people of influence across the United States?’… THAT is what will fuel the way you continue to do life and business. The answers to those questions will empower you and your brand to accomplish great things.

Create a manifesto. Create a mission statement that is more than a statement. What do you believe, and what do you want others to believe about you? It’s not an easy question, but you’ll thank yourself for finding an answer.



I believe that goals and dreams accomplished should be CELEBRATED.  

2015 was amazing. I beautified hundreds of precious people from all over the world, continued to build my brand, and worked television and film production 9 months out of the year. Here’s a recap, in photo form. 🙂

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I am so blessed to make a living doing what I’m passionate about — Empowering, uplifting, and fueling others by showing them beauty within themselves. Shout out to all the amazing people I got to work with this year. <3

C H E E R S + Happy New Year!