Hello beautiful bride-to-be’s!! In the midst of wedding planning craziness, your bridesmaids stand strong by your side! From throwing your various parties and showers, wearing the dresses that go with your colors and theme (some sacrifices are greater than others…), to braving public speeches in front of the masses – bridesmaid gifts are a special symbol of a “thank you” that should not be forgotten in the chaos!

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Check out some beauty favorites that any bridesmaid would be honored to receive! One simple click and your shopping list is complete. : )

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I just added a shop page to The Glam Department! This is a list of custom curated products that I use professionally. Easily accessible and easy to purchase from my blog! I will be continually updating with the best of the best.

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Hydration, hydration, hydration….

www.theglamdepartment.comI love to finish my makeup application using a mineral spray! Not only is it hydrating and great for your skin, it’ll give a youthful, healthy glowing appearance.

Great keeping this bottle of Evian in my makeup kit on set. Clients with dry skin benefit from this because I can continue to hydrate the skin during their makeup application or throughout the day for touch ups.
www.theglamdepartment.comYou can also mist Evian spray after cleansing and wait to allow the mineral content to absorb. Then apply moisturizer, eye cream, or under-eye pads!

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img_1131If you tuned into my television appearance last night on HSN, you saw me do a quick demo using this gorgeous eye shadow pallet from Too Faced!! I got to meet Jillian Barberie, who chose every one of these eye shadow colors. I love that they kept every skin tone in mind, and curated a well-rounded variety for this “Funfetti” set. Adorable, right?!img_1142

img_1134 Facial steamers are something I’ve only used in a spa setting professionally. When I saw this personal one for at-home use, I had to grab it. These are amazing to use anytime you want to open your pores. You could use before a toner, mask or any treatment you want to penetrate deeply into the skin.img_1143

img_1135 This is a Shellac UV lamp and I found it on Amazon. A shellac (or gel) manicure lasts so much longer than traditional polish, doesn’t need to wait to dry, and keeps that pretty shiny surface the whole duration. I love this particular unit. It’s a good size (doesn’t take up too much space), and has a pretty, unique, streamlined design!

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Skincare Spotlight!


Light Therapy, used by professionals, has been proven to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, heal breakouts, and even skin tone. I was walking through Target a few months ago, and saw this product with a similar technology – only you can use it yourself at home!!! And for less than $30! I freaked out, and had to try it!!IMG_3888
I bought the “illumask” brand and love it! My skin has had a lot of progress, and been so clear!
You can get this mask for WRINKLES on amazon! 
The illumask slips on like a pair of sunglasses (so weird, I know!), and the light streams over your face without actually touching you. It has 30 uses, and each treatment lasts only 15 minutes. There are eye holes so you can watch Hulu or browse Instagram…. which we all know you were going to do anyway;) You’re supposed to do a treatment every day, but I just use when needed.

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Skincare Spotlight!


Growing up having oily, acne-prone skin isn’t the easiest…. I would know. Over the years, thankfully, I’ve created a routine with products that bring balance and work well with my skin. The tricky thing about skincare is, what works amazing for me, might be terrible for you. We all have unique genetics/diets/stresses/habits that play a role in how different products react.IMG_3878
What I believe is the MOST important thing you can do to prevent breakouts, no matter what skin type you have is to CLEANSE, CLEANSE, CLEANSE.
The Clarisonic is literally incredible. It cleans 10 times deeper than washing your face with your hands. When it comes to being proactive about your blemishes, an extra 2 minutes spent in the morning sounds pretty amazing, right?!


Facial masks are another thing that I love to implement 1-3 times a week. “Mask of Magnaminty” from LUSH is my favorite mask for treating acne. It’s got a minty/cooling effect – awesome for calming redness or any inflammation. Deeply clears the pores, and exfoliates at the same time!


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