Grungy Glam Makeup Look with Elaine!

My friend Elaine is an incredible makeup artist, and we decided to do a fun Grungy Glam look!

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Hello beautiful bride-to-be’s!! In the midst of wedding planning craziness, your bridesmaids stand strong by your side! From throwing your various parties and showers, wearing the dresses that go with your colors and theme (some sacrifices are greater than others…), to braving public speeches in front of the masses – bridesmaid gifts are a special symbol of a “thank you” that should not be forgotten in the chaos!

(*insert throwback photo of MY incredible bridesmaids…)

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Here is PART ONE of a collaboration with my friend, Elaine Barnett. After my move to Los Angeles, we reconnected and decided to blog together!

Blending clip-in extensions can be a whole lot easier using these tips below!

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PART TWO (Elaine doing my makeup) coming soon!



One of the biggest causes of damage to your hair is significantly changing up your color every time you’re in the salon – or even worse – at home. (Why is DIY haircolor terrible, anyway!??)

“Fashion colors” (rose gold/blue/purple/etc.) are so in right now, along with that perfectly toned platinum blonde. However, these trends can come at a pretty price. When it comes time to remove your faded colors, a lot of women will have to turn to BLEACH. Most hair professionals will be able to gage the pressures your hair can take, and can make a good suggestion for a healthy solution.

When I was working in the salon, I always under promised, over delivered. Telling my clients I would get them as blonde as we could go, without compromising the integrity of the hair. I lost a few clients because of this, but knew that I didn’t want to be the stylist to damage the hair, even if they would be happy in the end.

A fantastic alternative to bleach is a color remover. I would use Pravana’s brand on my clients, and had amazing results!

A color remover is a process of penetrating the hair shaft and removing artificial color pigment. Leaving your hair with your “natural” pigments left (if you bleached before, the hair would return to the bleached state). It’s almost like a clean slate, if you will.

This is a service that is provided only in the salon (takes anywhere from 1-3 hours). Color removers are expensive, even for a licensed stylist to pay for. So, expect a considerable up charge. But for a clean slate, and healthy hair – WORTH IT.

Olaplex is an incredible advancement to the salon world! This is also a salon-only treatment that can be used professionally to condition, or added to your color service. For blondes, or women who are trying to go blonde, I cannot recommend this enough!!! This treatment rebuilds the bonds that are broken during a color process, and repairs inside of the hair shaft on a molecular level.

Again, expect an up charge for this added service. This is a very expensive addition to your colorist’s arsenal, and a few extra steps for them to apply.

(image from Olaplex website)

A third option to reducing and preventing damage, is using OILS all throughout your hair care routine – starting with shampoo and conditioner! HASK sent me these products, and I’ve loved using them. This volumizing collection (which you can buy on their website) actually includes chia seed oil which is fortified with proteins, antioxidants, calcium, and nutrients like omega-3s. It’s also sulfate free, so safe to use on color treated hair without the fear of your color fading!

Making sure your hair always has the moisture it needs will be a serious help to you in preventing damage/breakage. 

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Happy New Year – HELLO 2017!

Here’s a few simple steps for a messy/undone updo you can rock this year…img_3689

*Separate the top half of your hair (I chose an inch or two above the ears).
img_3690 img_3691

*Tie off with a hair tie. Take your little pony, and flip through.

*Take the full back section of hair (from back of ears down). Do a simple 3 strand braid and secure with a hair tie. img_3693

*Pull apart and loosen up.img_3694

*Taking the sections of hair left, bring forward and wrap around any visible hair ties to conceal. img_3695

*Conceal the last hair tie. img_3696*I finished by continuing with a fishtail braid, then the same method of covering the hair tie to give more interest, because my model’s hair was so long. AND YOU’RE DONE. : )

You can TOTALLY add a few more steps to this kind of updo, like: teasing the crown/curling the hair first/etc. to make it your own!

Screenshot this graphic or save to your Pinterest to recreate!! #TheGlamDepartment